Wave damage – Tape ambient volume 1
Tape ambient volume 1 is a collection of sonic experiments drawing inspiration from a bygone era of lo-fi sound and analog warmth.

The absence of rhythmic structure is the glue that holds the album together. Subtle melodies drifts in and out of the mix and the tracks are layered with warbling samples, melancholic pads, and organic textures.

A warm listening experience that evokes a sense of nostalgia and a longing for a simpler time.

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EP · 2022

Wave damage aka Johan Claesson is a Swedish producer who has been making electronic music since the mid 90s.

During this time, he has amassed a vast collection of unreleased material spanning multiple genres, including ambient, IDM, downbeat, minimal, dub techno, and drum & bass.

He has been meticulously going through his archives, parsing out usable tracks and finishing uncompleted songs. Now, after years of refining his material, he is ready to share his music with several albums and EPs under the alias Wave damage. With more releases to come.